Getting Gender Smart – the backstage of the transformation behind women and girls empowerment in Latin America

What we propose in this documentary is to focus on the ‘backstage’ and testimonial of the influencers that support the transformation from gender lenses (micro) credit to gender smart investing.

Most documentaries about gender empowerment in Latin America focus on single success stories of the beneficiaries. They are monologues that touches hearts do not result in longer term engagement to the cause of gender economic empowerment.

The two main objectives of the proposed documentary are, first, to break stereotypes that businesses that invest in gender are in general social enterprises and will bring no return on investment. Or that the beneficiaries are only micro-entrepreneurs whose impact is limited to their business size and location. The second one is to bring to light the growing relevance and impact of gender smart investing.

The intention is to show-case what is behind the transformation from: the tripod credit, technical assistance/training; access to healthcare systems

To: investing in high impact businesses that promote and value women in leadership and governance; products and services that meet the needs of women and girls; gender sensitive value chains; workplace equity.

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