Amazon PEC

A revolving fund for silvopastoral practices in the Amazon

Transforming extensive pasture and degraded grasslands into agroforestry and silvopastoral systems is the key to promoting changes in the way livestock farming is run in the Amazon and therefore halting the increasing deforestation in the region.

Amazon PEC is a revolving fund which provides loans in the form of products and services to small- and medium-scale cattle ranchers. The main objective is to provide them with the means to convert degraded pastures into highly productive silvopastoral cattle ranching systems with rotational grazing.

The origins of Amazon PEC date back to 2012 with the implementation of the Sustainable Cattle Ranching Program, which included the development of 23 demonstrative units to serve the purpose of proving the project concept’s feasibility, of showcasing it and of providing capacity building sites.

The project is currently in the piloting phase. The pilot project will initially be applied to 100 additional small-scale cattle ranches over the first three years, and then, using the loan repayments, this will be progressively expanded to a total of 300 farms over the next ten years.
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The mind and heart behind Amazon-PEC is IDESAM (Instituto de Conservação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Amazônia).

Mariano CenamoThe silvopastoril systems integrate animals, forage plants and trees in the same area. Intensifying production in smaller spaces reduces pressure on forested areas and allows restoration of marginal lands that are strategic for ecological protection. (Mariano Cenamo, IDESAM Founder and Senior Researcher)