APOMS Network of Agroecology Producers

In the Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah)

The APOMS (Associação de Produtores Orgânicos do Mato Grosso do Sul) Agroecology Network is an arrangement based on the association’s social capital and formed by smallholder and family farmers, agrarian reform settlers, indigenous populations, quilombolas, and rural youth to produce and sell agricultural products under the principles of agroecology, organic crops, and fair trade.

The APOMS network encompasses nearly 160 families spread across twelve municipalities surrounding the city of Dourados in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul. The main biome in the area is the Cerrado (Brazilian Savanah).

Recent years have seen the increased growth in the area of extensive plantations, mostly for soybeans and sugar cane. On the other hand, it is estimated that there are 70,000 families of smallholder farmers in the region.

These producers face a number of common problems. First, there is a lack of technical assistance and technological innovation focused on small farms. Second, despite the fact that there are public policies and financing sources available, in practice, smallholder farmers still face difficulties in accessing credit. Third, due to small-scale and geographic dispersion, isolated smallholder farmers are not able to integrate traditional distribution channels to sell the food they produce.

The APOMS Network supports tacking these issues through a series of complementary activities, from providing education at an agroecology training center to supporting the commercialization of the products.
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Olacio KomoriThe engagement of the next generation in family farming depends on making this business attactive to the young ones. It should be a carreer option and not the result of lack of options. Olácio Komori, APOMS co-founder.

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