<b>Climate-Smart Institute</b>

Climate-Smart Institute

The Climate-Smart Institute is a think-tank for leveraging Climate Innovation by bringing together technology, entrepreneurship and awareness for pro-climate businesses in Latin America.

The Climate-Smart Institute as we prioritize supporting businesses that promote and value women in leadership and governance; products and services that meet the needs of women and girls; gender sensitive value chains; and workplace equity.

And we believe technology is key not only to promote entrepreneurial solutions scalability but as means to achieve higher standards of economic and social empowerment.

We act based on four pillars:

Venture and Leaders Building – we develop educational programs which support the development of SMEs/Cooperatives for becoming investment ready as well as leadership program for young entrepreneurs and leaders that face a ‘glass ceiling’ for their professional growth.

Innovative Investing by bridging and building creative investing structures formed by complementary sources of capital allocated by institutes and foundations; pro-climate funds; and High-Networth NextGen individual investors; Institutional Investors to collaborate in the different capital needs according to the project maturity

Mentoring we bridge the right mentor for the right entrepreneur which supports breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ of entrepreneurs in their growth process.

Awareness achieved by the development of market studies, events, case studies, social media and documentaries

Institutional Partners

Institutional Partners