Venture & Leaders Building

In the start-up’s ecosystem in Brazil, there is shortage of access to first movers’ capital; a gap in terms of support in the connection to the markets as well as scarcity in terms of deep mentoring. This gets amplified in the case of women entrepreneurs.

This led us to the development of an action line which supports venture and leaders building through a series of tailor-made educational programs which support the development of SMEs for becoming investment ready as well as leadership program for young entrepreneurs and leaders that face a ‘glass ceiling’ for their professional growth.

Our venture and leadership building axe focus on go-to-market start-ups and leaders. And on top we also have a venture philanthropy hat to support programs related to conservation and restoration with economic value led by groups of women and local ethnicities.

Current projects:

Functional Food and Sustainable Extractivism led by Agriwomen in the Savannah (Click here to open the page)

Sustainable Food Chains X-Challenge is a hackathon-type of competition to be held in Sao Paulo in November 2020. It will involve pro-climate earth, ocean and cities technological solutions. Winning groups will be awarded with deep mentoring and start-up capital by the Women Angel-Investors LatAm group. The challenge will be launched in April 2020.