There is nothing more valuable than one’s life-experience, specially when one puts herself  the other’s shoes and has faced the same issues.

In women in leadership it is common to hear the terms: ‘glass ceiling’ for the invisible limit to growth; or ‘fear to failure’; or simply the business as usual issues related to living in a predominantly male world.

Mentoring is a two-way street in which women mentor women in the process towards business growth and professional ascension.

Through a selection process we elect 10 female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs for being mentored by one of the top executives part of the mentoring group.

We also provide open-source mentoring, with open and for free events that women leaders will openly share their experiences to either grow their business or ascend the career path.

The mentoring also aims at providing access to one’s network and to, possibly, support a business that could be invested in by the women angel investors group.